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🇸🇰 Putinova vojna proti Ukrajine a nové paradigmy európskej obrannej spolupráce.

🇬🇧 Putin’s War Against Ukraine and the New Paradigms of European Defence Cooperation

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Po mnohých mesiacoch „pandemickej diéty“ konečne debata naživo o otázkach obrany a bezpečnosti v európskom priestore. / Finally, the live-event discussion on defence and security issues after meny months of a „pandemic diet“.

Ďakujem/Thank you: Wilfried Matrens Centre for European Studies 👍

Diskutujúci na konferencii (zdroj: Martens Centre)

Vo štvrtok som mal tú česť aktívne sa zúčastniť diskusie spolu s

🔹 Andrius Kubilius, poslanec Európskeho parlamentu, bývalý premiér Litvy (1999-2000, 2008-2012) /MEP, former Lithuanian Prime Minister (1999-2000, 2008-2012)

🔹Jamie Patrick Shea, výskumný pracovník Martens Centre a bývalý zástupca tajomníka NATO pre nové bezpečnostné hrozby / Martens Centre research fellow, former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges at NATO Headquarters

🔹 Niklas Nováky, moderátor a výskumný pracovník Martens Centre / Moderator, Martnes Centre senior research fellow

Celú diskusiu si môžete pozrieť tu/ Recording of the whole discussion you can find here:https://youtu.be/nc_fE8vRFio

Discussion on European Defense (Foto: Martnes Centre)

Niektoré komentáre a topky/some of the comments and highlights:@NiklasNovaky’s:

„I have 3 takeaways: 1) as long as #Russia remains an autocracy, it will be a threat to its neighbours 2) #NATO‚s role in 🇪🇺#Security & #Defence cooperation will be reinforced 3) Europeans need to sustain a high level of defence spending for years to come.“

@PaloMacko: „War has not started on the 24th of February but started many years ago even before the annexation of #Crimea and the occupation of the Eastern part of #Ukraine. We were subject of what we call #HybridWar and I would like to highlight that a hybrid war is a war.“

„If military budgets are going above 2% of GDP anyways, why not dedicate some of this funding to a common #EuropeanDefence budget? Say 0.1%? This has not been discussed so far, but I think it should be considered at some point.“ @PaloMacko #CSDP#Defence

Opening remarks by Mikuláš Dzurinda (Foto: Martens Centre)

@PaloMacko: „We are not going to change the regime in #Russia; this needs to come from their side. In the meantime, we must learn to deal with the regime in place.“ #StopPutin#StandWithUkraineJamie Shea (former @NATO): „We haven’t being hit totally cold in #EuropeanDefence by this shock of Russian invading #Ukraine. #NATO is going to be the most immediate beneficiary of this.“ #StandWithUkraine#StopPutinNOW

Jamie Shea: „To support #Ukraine, I think we are heading towards a WW2-style Lend Lease, where we give Ukraine weapons on credit, with the expectation that they reimburse us later.“ #StandWithUkraine#EuropeanDefence

„What we are going to give to the Ukrainians is going to depend on how long we want them to fight and how realistically we think it is to keep 🇺🇦 fighting.“ #StandWithUkraine#EuropeanDefence#NATO.

LTG , ret. Pavel Macko (Foto: Martens Centre)

@KubiliusA takes the floor first: „For me the war was totally unexpected. I did not believe that it could happen. It is damaging #Putin himself.“ #StandWithUkraine#WarInUkraine2022#Russia

@KubiliusA: „On weapons deliveries, we are falling asleep. There are shortages, even among our own deliveries. We need to wake up and have converstions in national capitals on how to continue supporting #Ukraine.“ #StandWithUkraine #EuropeanDefence

Pavel Macko (Foto: Martens Centre)

„Experts are saying that an embargo on #RussianOil and #gas would have relatively small impact on the #EuropeanEconomy. It would cripple #Putin’s regime, but still we are not able to introduce these necessary sanctions.“ @KubiliusA @EPPGroup #StandWithUkraineSource: Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

Zdroj/Source: Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies